How To Help My Dog With Separation Anxiety

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How To Help My Dog With Separation Anxiety


Dog Separation AnxietySeparation anxiety is dangerous to not only property but it
is also dangerous to the dog itself. Fits of depression and
anxiety can aggravate any other health problems your dog may
be suffering from. In some cases, the dog can become ill, stop eating, or suffer from depression or even hurt itself in its frenzy to escapeDogs that chew as a result of separation anxiety are at a high risk of suffering from some kind of
gut-related illness because of this behavior.

Millions of dogs are affected by separation anxiety but this can be treated and managed and in most cases separation anxiety can be cured.

How To Gently Prepare Your Puppy or Dog for Being Left Alone

As with anything else that Pawsitively Perfect Paws recommends, We had to make sure that this training program was truly effective and of the utmost quality before we dared recommend it to our Pawsitively Perfect Paws family.

You Know That Not All Dog Training Programs Are Created Equal! Right?

In fact, before we started working with this particular dog trainer, we actually had another trainer in mind to help us get Sofie’s separation anxiety under control.

This other trainer had some impressive credentials, and had even worked with a few well-known canine TV and film stars in the past. They even claimed to be a proponent of positive reinforcement, assuring us that they did not use harsh training methods in their program.

This was going to be the perfect program for our dog… or so we thought.

When we began to review their training course, we quickly realized that their idea of harsh training methods was quite different from ours.

We just knew there had to be a better way.

We eventually found the right dog trainer for Sofie (and for us). His name is Dan Abdelnoor (Doggy Dan) Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, Author and Speaker and he really knows his stuff!

Doggy Dan’s training methods are truly cruelty-free (he’s all about positive reinforcement). In fact, his program is the ONLY one that’s endorsed by the SPCA!

We can honestly say that we have seen our relationship with our dog improve so much over the last couple of weeks, and with the success that Sofie and us have had using this dog training program, we just knew that this was something that you would find valuable for your dog as well.

Would You Like To Meet The Online Dog Trainer? Click Here To Find Out All About Him.

At the SPCA we use Dan’s site to SAVE DOGS LIVES:

Dog Separation Anxiety“Dan has given our SPCA’s access to his website to equip them with the tools they need to Save Lives – because dog aggression or just bad behavior can mean the difference between life and death for a stray or unwanted dog. I fully recommend Doggy Dan and his method!”

Robyn Kippenberger, Former National Chief Executive NZ SPCA


As a Vet I ONLY recommend Doggy Dan’s training website:

Dog Behavior “As a Vet I now have somewhere to point my customers to – a solution to every dog behavior issue. Definitely recommending it to all my clients! Congrats on putting together what is undoubtedly the best dog training site on the web.”

Dave van Zwanenberg, BVet Med (Hons) MRCVS – Kumeu


Dan (The Online Dog Trainer) is a full-time, professional dog trainer, he has seen it all. And now he would like to show you the very same proven techniques in the videos that he use everyday in my own live consultations. This is not a collection of YouTube videos from some wannabe dog trainer. It’s a culmination of his life’s work with dogs and their owners. You get an expert dog trainer at your service, in your home or on the walk, at anytime.

Best Wishes and Have An Awesome Day!

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